The Word of Life Church's roots go back to an early month in the year of 1975, when there was a great burden to start a ministry that would feed many spiritually hungry hearts. A living room in a country home, in the outskirts of Bicknell, became the place of gathering. Then, after several weeks of cleaning out an old hog barn, the "Glory Barn" became the place where many people would gather to sing, praise, pray, honor God's Word, and welcome the Holy Spirit to minister to the needs of all who were present. Praise God that the glourious ministry still continues today.

After several years of praying and planning, the people started meeting at the NK Central Elementary school building on saturday evenings with 68 in attendance. The fellowship was called "Sheepgate". After a couple of meetings at the school, they started meeting at the American Legion Hall in Bicknell, on Saturday evenings, and then later began meeting on Sunday evenings.

In 1984, the fellowship became an established church and was then called the Word of Life Church. They moved into the yellow house at the corner of 4th Street and Washington Avenue for services and continued ministry in Bicknell. Brother Greg Owen, who started traveling to Bicknell from Morganfield, Kentucky on Sunday evenings to minister at the American Legion hall, moved to Bicknell, and begun his full-time ministry. Brother Greg & family left Bicknell, and moved back to Kentucky in June of 1989.

In September of 1989, Pastor Tim Hacker & family were called to Bicknell, to carry on the ministry of the Word of Life Church. The yellow house was getting small, and so the former Church of the Nazarene building at the corner of Hicks & Indiana Streets, was purchased and remodeled.

The first service in the new building was in August of 1990. The Word of Life Church then became affiliated with and became a member of CMIglobal and are currently still an active part in that fellowship. Pastor Tim & family left in 1995. Returned later in 1996, and left again in September of 1997.

In October of 1997, Pastor John Mason Moreland & family were called to the pastoral ministry and are continuing in another year of ministry of leading the Word of Life Church. In November of 1999, 13 acres were purchased along Hwy. 67 N. in Bicknell, for future growth and ministry opportunities. After much blessing and favor of God, on Pentecost Sunday, May 15, 2005, we had our Ground Breaking service on the new property. Almost two months later to the date, workers began pushing dirt for the first phase of the new building project.  Weather permitting, we will be breaking ground for our phase 2 project in early 2020.  

So here we are celebrating God's continued favor and blessing on the ministry of the Word of Life Church, 7144 N. Russell Dr., Bicknell, IN.

To God alone be the glory!


Word of Life Church 7144 N. Russell Drive, Bicknell, IN 47512